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Adjustable-Height Desks and Tables.

Height Adjustable & Standing Desks

When working long hours in the office it’s important to mix up your posture, this will prohibit you from being too sedentary which will help you feel better throughout the day. One way to help adjust your posture and position at the office is to use a sit stand desk. These desks can go up and down in height which makes them extremely convenient for changing from sitting to standing positions easily. If you don’t want to move up and down throughout the day, you can also get a stationary standing desk. These aren’t adjustable desks that move up and down, so you won’t have to worry about changing positions.

For many people, having the option to stand is a great benefit. An adjustable standing desk makes it easy to get stand for some exercise when you need it and it allows you to sit when you need a rest. However, before you go out and get a height adjustable desk for you home, keep in mind a few key factors such as desk shape, size, and features.

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Sit Stand Desk Shapes

Despite the fact that these desks move up and down, this won’t limit the options you have available for the shape of your desk. An adjustable desk can come in any shape ranging from rectangular to L-shaped to even a corner desk. This is fantastic if you like to have a lot of room to work so you want the convenience of an L-shaped desk with the utility of a height adjustable desk. And even though rectangular desks are the most common you can find triangle shaped corner desks to fit into small spaces as well.

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Sit Stand Desk Sizes

Along with a wide variety of shapes, adjustable standing desks come in a range of sizes as well. For people who like to have everything close by while they work a large desk is a great choice. But if you have a home office and not a lot of space, going with a smaller ergonomic desk could be the better option. And if you get a file cabinet for right next to your desk, you might not be losing much in utility anyways. And of course, if you want something that’s right in the middle, there are plenty of options for medium sized adjustable standing desks

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Sit Stand Desk Features

The last factor for ergonomic desks that you should consider are the features you want to come with the desk. For instance, some of these desks don’t require power which means you can manually lift them or use a crank to change the height. The easiest way for most people to change their height adjustable desk is to get an electric desk that moves at the push of a button. And for these electric standing desks you can get another feature for adjustable memory controls. This means you can save different heights that feel comfortable to you. You might choose to do this if you like to switch between an office chair, a bar stool chair, and standing at your ergonomic desk. Finally, one of the last features you should consider among the many available is a cable management system. Since you’ll be moving your standing desk up and down regularly, you’ll need something that will keep the long wires organized and neat. Otherwise they might get tangled up while you’re sitting down working at your desk. So, to avoid that it’s certainly a good idea to look into a cable management system.