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Songbird Magnet®

Bring desirable songbirds right to your door. Electronic device draws favorite songbirds to feeders & perching areas with cheerful, digitally-recorded bird songs.

  • Light sensor for natural daylight calls
  • Pre-programmed & dual-function
  • Water & weather resistant, simple to use
The Songbird Magnet® will attract Purple Martins or Eastern Bluebirds, Baltimore Orioles, House Wrens, House Finches, American Goldfinches, & Indigo Buntings.
  • Songbird Magnet® Songbird Magnet®

    Songbird Magnet®

    Songbird Magnet® was designed in consultation with ornithologists and biologists for maximum realism. Naturally recorded digital output represents multiple individuals, with each song set to play at naturally occurring sound levels and intervals...

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